Pit boss

Pilots race in heats of 6. When pilots are not racing they will be at the pit repairing their equipment and preparing for the next heat. The pit boss monitors pilots plugging into their feed during a race, manages racers during down-time between heats, and relays issues to us.

Pilot coordinator

The pilot coordinator makes sure the pilots are ready to race each heat; the pilot coordinator makes sure pilots can connect to their headset, deck pilots are ready to spot, checks drone to see they are qualified, makes sure pilots actually disarm, lets the race director know when to start, and general tech support for pilots.


Runs to collect drone after a race has completed.

Electrical/transmission technician

Works with us to oversee power source, relays issues to us, and fixes issues when they arise with our help.

Race director

The race director facilitates the race. The race director calls for racers to take their places, gives the start signal, catches false starts, and signals when people can retrieve their drone.

Race technician

Works with us to manage DVR/connectivity/recording for pilots.

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